Piano Selvatico | Anthony di Furia

cantieri immateriali

The project “Piano Selvatico” is the result of three residencies, between the spring of 2014 and the summer of 2016, within the trans-disciplinary research program “The Transformation Project”. In this work, the farm and its surroundings are explored in three steps: 1) the description of the original sound reality, recorded in different seasons during the creation of an extensive sound archive, 2) the interaction between the soundscape and a layer of synthetic textures, and 3) the complete transformation of the soundscape.

"The timeline lives in an infinite dimensional sound space, inhabited by zones of temporal suspension. From this timeline, three different sites come to life in the Piano Selvatico (Wild Plane). The first is made of the time frames of living reality, a simple point of view on sound moments extracted from the soundscape. In the second, these living moments encounter imaginary sounds, designed to sculpt the surface of reality, shaping it along different profiles. In the third site, the foundations of both reality and imagination fall apart, and time is crystalized. The zones of temporal suspension emerge, populating new dimensions in the sound space. Time sublimates trying in vain to calm disorder". 

Anthony di Furia 2016